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Because the list has gotten so long that I keep forgetting stuff



Commissions: BATCH FULL

Arrow left by Drawn-Mario PC for KazunaPikachu
Paid Button by RoyalBlackheart Battery Progress Bar - 0 by Ponnui

Priority list:

Arrow left by Drawn-Mario Prize for kuku88 Battery Progress Bar - 0 by Ponnui
Arrow left by Drawn-Mario Prize for WingedPPG Battery Progress Bar - 1 by Ponnui
Arrow left by Drawn-Mario Prize for KazunaPikachu (reboot Belleach: Vampire AU) Battery Progress Bar - 0 by Ponnui
Arrow left by Drawn-Mario Prize for kara-chan66z (smooch animation) Battery Progress Bar - 0 by Ponnui
Arrow left by Drawn-Mario Prize for XxSparklePuffxX Battery Progress Bar - 2 by Ponnui

Arrow left by Drawn-Mario Gift Art Trade with kuku88 (waiting for her part)
Arrow left by Drawn-Mario July Art Trade with NanakoBlaze Battery Progress Bar - 0 by Ponnui
Arrow left by Drawn-Mario art trade with eyugho Battery Progress Bar - 0 by Ponnui

Arrow left by Drawn-Mario Kiriban for KazunaPikachu FREE - Warning bullet by ume-usagi Battery Progress Bar - 0 by Ponnui
Arrow left by Drawn-Mario Kiriban for nena-linda-pink Battery Progress Bar - 0 by Ponnui

Arrow left by Drawn-Mario Maastricht Collab with KP (frilly dressesssss ♥ ) (Battery Progress Bar - 1 by Ponnui)
Arrow left by Drawn-Mario That picture for Togo because of the handwriting bet
Arrow left by Drawn-Mario Beanie project
Arrow left by Drawn-Mario Bistre's story (animated short)
Arrow left by Drawn-Mario Powerpunks rebooted
Arrow left by Drawn-Mario OC Q&A:…

Fall Leaf Divider Line Graphic by Mirz123

Waiting on art from:

:iconjelliebellie: :iconstylishgamer:

My peeps



Demizu Posuka, Paul Felix, Joyfool, iPPG, kawacy, Kiwibon, basakward, blackdahliah, Endling, deeJuusan, MarionetteDolly, inma, TsaoShin, Magancito, Namie-kun, INstockee, SakikoAmana, Ann-Jey

Fall Leaf Divider Line Graphic by Mirz123

The Crew
:icontarrotcake::iconkazunapikachu: :iconshadowychica: :iconvanillapaws: :iconxilent-knights:

Fall Leaf Divider Line Graphic by Mirz123

Other Rebels
:iconnanakoblaze::iconkuku88: :iconsakurauchiha04: :iconstarburst34: :iconduckxduck: :icongothicblueeyes: :iconjustsoasian: :iconmopjeflauwmopje: :iconjuicylines: :iconmoontear123: :icongeoffnet: :iconjksketchy: :icontogo143:

My list hissss

~Quotes my peeps said that inspired me ♥

"Some people are more obsessed with finding a way to live rather than finding stuff to live for."
- Wise words spoken by Henry The Great and Powerful
"The five of them started at his frown and unlovingly and it chestnut long until young Burner said hi to himself and realised that he would be first one to take over."
-Snipplet of an Azerty/Qwerty fanfic written with KP
"Amg no Bate be chocolate fountainless with mama"
-Best of the BurningTigah/TarrotCake
"Don’t fall into beer pressure,
will order water with you, hehehehe"
-Another jewel by Tigah
"I believe in you!"
- GeoffSempaiNet
"It's okay, dude! You know I like going on adventuresss"
-Kazu lost in every European city ever


Though I think he needs to let his furries be free."
-Shadow about Shadow

Featured fanart

Minichibi by YokoKinawa
Thank you for the lovelies ♥

Latest contribution by PPGXRRBlover :eager:

Art Trade with ITBluebeadTI by eyugho Contest Prize: Bistre, Bate, Bellbo by macciii ::check out my bag of cookies:: by iiCreamyPastel Bistre WIP by shaharaj NuzzleNuzzle by TarrotCake Bistre by riamarie33

Hi ~


Professional: No.
Ambition: YES.
You have stumbled upon my page! :3 by yarjor
Friends like to call me Blue. I'm a bit of an airhead, so if I forget to reply on things, my apologies! Hope you can forgive me for the delay.

Don't be afraid to leave a comment, I don't bite~
I nom. ♥
USA Language Level stamp4 by Faeth-design
I took a test and everything


PPG: basic shading for powerpuffground~
Rebooty ruffs: HA HA by ITBluebeadTI
A simple shaded, one-character commission incl. basic background~ C;
(This is a custom commish and prices do not apply to every and each character)


ITBluebeadTI has started a donation pool!
7,858 / 8,910
What do you mean, "I can't donate to myself"? :stare:

You must be logged in to donate.


Frequently Asked Questions

'Do you do gifts/requests/art trades/collabs?' CLOSED sign by Czar-the-Dragon

REQUESTS are closed.
ART TRADES are generally for close friends only.
You're always free to ask about them, but I'm a very picky butt.
I might refuse.

GIFTS are for very close friends only.
Same goes for COLLABS.
POINT COMMISSIONS are OPEN.OPEN sign by Czar-the-Dragon
Commission account: FlowahRaiser

'How do you add music to pictures?'

You can either use the program Macromedia Flash (sorta like a simplified Flash, and a free alternative), or Adobe Flash. All you need is a picture, either of these programs and a .wav music file (.pm3 doesn't work in Flash ;P ).

'Will you be my friend?'

Hope you won't be offended when I answer with a "nopes". I'm one of those people who believes in "It's not as easy as that". xD
And a lotta peeps have been after free art, so I'm pretty cautious. Thank you's for yer understandmentingness.

'Why not watch me?'

I'm picky about watches. I'm picky like a pickle. :stare:

Note me for any questions,
insecurities, ponders about life
and free food offers.

Pixel by zazaKUN011



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