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Chibi control! by ITBluebeadTI
Bate in the band by ITBluebeadTI
Chibifying your character for you.
- Any character of any fandom. Surprise me
- Includes effects, extras (as shown above, a guitar.) and a simple colored background.
- 300 :points: will be added for every extra character. You can drop 'em in the donation pool~
- Also the option to get your chibi transformed into a html code, so that you can show it off on your dA page. :meow:
Powerpuff Style: Flat colors
commissions Bistre2 FLAT COLORS by ITBluebeadTI
Bathat love by ITBluebeadTI
Bellbo I love you Bellboooo by ITBluebeadTI
Join me bistre version 2 by ITBluebeadTI
-One Powerpuff Girls OC drawn by me.
- Outlines + flat colors + limited background.
- + 250 :points: for every character added (just drop 'em in my donation pool).
Powerpuff Style: Fully rendered
Put your Xmas turtle on by ITBluebeadTI
Puffed Coal Burner by ITBluebeadTI
CE: Kittyglomp by ITBluebeadTI
Ballad rockin' out PNG filekopie by ITBluebeadTI
- One Powerpuff Girls OC drawn by me.
- Fully rendered (includes highlights, shades and effects).
- Includes a minor background, if I think it fits the image. 

- Adding another 250 :points: for every extra character. Just drop 'em in the donation pool~

! Extremely complicated designs of your OCs, will cost you an added amount of 100:points:. By this I mean an exceeding amount of details, gadgets, together with a complicated hairdo.
Examples like these: OOCC: Pinata and Punch by ITBluebeadTI 
Powerpuff "reboot" style
PC ~Blood's got a JL by ITBluebeadTI
GF ~ Happy Bugday! by ITBluebeadTI
AT ~ Lift you up, up, up - Get me down, down, down by ITBluebeadTI
~PC~ Every puff's favorite fashion mascotte C: by ITBluebeadTI
- One Powerpuff Girls OC drawn by me in the style of The Powerpuff Girls 2014's Special.
- Includes shading and highlights.
- Includes me, styling your OC into what I think fits the reboot style best. ;P If you'd like anything in particular, let me know or send me a ref.
- Doesn't include a background, unless I deem it necessary for the picture.

- Another 400:points: for every extra character. (Because every new character takes up an equal amount of time as the first one. :dummy:) You can drop the points in the donation pool~
Powerpuff Girls Z
Bistre Z 1 by ITBluebeadTI
Bistre Z 2 by ITBluebeadTI
- One Powerpuff Girls Z OC drawn by me.
(Either you send me a ref to a Z character, or you can also send me a ref to an OC you'd like to see in Z style and include details on their costume.)
- Does not include backgrounds, unless I deem them necessary.
- Includes the showing of powers; aka beams, energy balls, sparkles, wands, whatever effects you'd like.
Powerpuff Girls: Teen Style
~CE~ Macciii's Gift by ITBluebeadTI
Puff Most Epic: Commander and Leader by ITBluebeadTI
Rain, rain, go away by ITBluebeadTI
Clingy rabbit by ITBluebeadTI
Birnieeee by ITBluebeadTI
- ONE Powerpuff Girls OC drawn by me in my own version of a Powerpuff teen style.
- Includes shading, highlights, effects, and in most cases a background (depending on how the picture turns out and what looks good in my opinion).
- You can opt for either an outlined kind of coloring, or a painted kind of coloring.
- An extra 400 :points: for every character added. You can drop them in the donation pool~


ITBluebeadTI has started a donation pool!
2,308 / 12,345
What do you mean, "I can't donate to myself"? :stare:

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The power of flight by prosaix Food addiction by prosaix Best weapon by prosaix Dance Dance by TheSaltyMonster Music is my Inspiration by fear-the-brilliance Tard and the box of fail by High-Horizon Artist Working Stamp by Mirz123 Careless by ashesto digital-artists stamp by CookiemagiK My Own World Stamp by Mirz123 I Support the EARTH by elicoronel16 Stamp: Never too Late by Southrobin Aristomenes by SirvanaRachana Stamp: Weird Faces by 8manderz8 Why? Stamp by Jusbene Comment Stalker Stamp by Drick96 I Love Xmas Lights Stamp by ClefairyKid Cupcake stamp by Mel-Rosey Stamp: Butterfly! by TheSaltyMonster ... Cookies - Stamp by Yaraffinity What is this I don't even by heatherazzi The bride of Abydos by SirvanaRachana Day Dreamer Stamp by ladieoffical Background Music by Skylark-93 Feeling Blue Stamp by SparklyDest Write it down by aldessa Dance Boys Stamp by LolithaLolita Pencil stamp by Leafbreeze7 I Procrastinate - Stamp by SerenaVerdeArt My Rock by stuck-in-suburbia Stitch stamp by tessary Free! Stamp: Young Haruka by wow1076 Pooh Think...Think Stamp by Mirz123 Please Everybody Stamp by Mirz123 Random Stamp 1 by JKSketchy A Stamp for somebody by Drake1 Sonic Stamp 2 by JetProwerTheFox Sugar and spice Stamp by Mel-Rosey Jack Frost and Queen Elsa by Rumay-Chian The Sky is the Limit by Not-Think Hug Your Teddy Stamp by ladieoffical .:Stamp:. I SUPPORT BurnerxFP by ITBluebeadTI .:Stamp:. SHADAHLOVE by ITBluebeadTI Twin Dance Stamp by 80avatarfan80 Good bye Finn by clio-mokona Haruka Nanase - Ending Dance by NileyJoyrus14 Blue Rules stamp by ashleywhttkr .Hidden. by MyMetaverse Moustache Stamp by Leafbreeze7 Cocoa love mark by Cheshinda Flame Princess stamp by HystericDesigns

Gift: ITbluebeadTI by NanakoBlaze .:Prize:. Bistre in the Snow ::animation:: by KazunaPikachu

I have no idea what to write here. "Thank you for scrolling?"
That's just silly~

Hi ~

Professional: No.
Ambition: YES.
You have stumbled upon my page! :iconyaytigerplz:
Friends like to call me Blue. Your typical Blue is built up out of cookies, llamas, owls and hot cocoa. It's what makes their hair this glowish red (cfr your typical Tigah.) :icondivaplz:

Don't be afraid to leave a comment, I don't bite~
If anything, I nom. ♥



List of inspirations (WIP):
Demizu Posuka, Joyfool,
iPPG, kawacy, Kiwiggle, basakward, blackdahliah, Endling, deeJuusan, MarionetteDolly, inma

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Other rebels:


My list hissss


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